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Places we have wandered in our minds need a place to rest at times.

For each other

We listen we read we learn each other , we own we awe and we love each other.

Life is a uncertain stage show

But the show must go on…

Started something new

Here with words from thoughts distorted, started because life feels incomplete while I know there are so many who feel the same.

Why now

Life is uncertain and so are the events associated with it , somedays are happy others are just yellow.

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Know who you read. Say hi because you and i are no different from each other. We my dear are souls that wander , beautiful and unimpressed of the world that surrounds us.
We are all trying to find meanings to our existence , taking one day at a time and how they say..
Life is the art of death, takes practice to survive and once you master , you are set free.

– zeenot